Privacy Policy

Please review the privacy terms. By checking I Agree below, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to these privacy terms.

"Agile Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services Pvt Ltd" operates a health information and patient management platform (currently "Medijunction App", "Medijunction Web Portal") for use by healthcare professionals (together, "Services").

"You" and "your" refer to the user/ patient/ person uploading data on portal, as applicable (together the "App"). These Terms govern the manner in which you may use the Services and also lay out our privacy policy which details how we collect and process your data. If your data is collected by third parties, such as doctors or health care professionals or field workers, then you consent to them collecting such data and updating on the portal.

1. Use of Medijunction App, Medijunction Web Portal.
That allows registered healthcare professionals to collect medical information and health records of their patients, and organise the data to optimise healthcare options for the patients. The Services provided to doctors include adding of patient information collected by the doctors, coordinating their appointments, assisting in diagnosis, managing patient treatment options and allowing communications through video call between registered doctors on the platform.

2. Information that we collect and receive.
In order to provide the Services, collects demographic details like your name, address, telephone number, email address, age and sex from you. Collects sensitive personal information or data ("SPI") as defined under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011) for rendering the Services. This includes physical, physiological and mental health condition of the user as well as the user’s medical records and history.

Also, certain information collected by other users (such as other doctors and healthcare professionals registered on our platform) or uploaded by the patients themselves may also constitute SPI. Specifically, we allow registered healthcare professionals to add medical information related to their patients and this could include physical and physiological conditions, results of laboratory tests, details of medicine prescribed and other information related to the treatment of the patient. Also, users may elect to upload their contacts' information in order to easily find other users (colleagues, providers, patients) on the App.

Medijunction considers the privacy of the information to be of utmost importance and follows a strict policy to protect the information. The manner in which any personal information or SPI will be collected and dealt with is set out.

3. Retention.
The information above would be collected and retained by the following entity - "Agile Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services Pvt Ltd"

We will not retain any sensitive personal data or information for longer than is required for the purpose for which such data or information was collected or may lawfully be used or is otherwise required under any other law for the time being in force.

4. Purpose of collection and usage of information.
Medijunction collects only the information which are necessary to provide you the Services. The information will be stored for such a period as reasonably necessary to provide continuous Services to the users or till the time the consent to use the information is revoked by the information provider. Any information uploaded by the user including data could also be used for analytical and statistical purposes like analysis of area-wise outbreak of a disease.

You will, at all times, have the option to refrain from disclosing your personal information or withdrawing consent for personal information previously provided to Medijunction. In such cases, Medijunction shall no longer be obliged to continue providing you access to Medijunction or any of the Services.

5. Security practices and procedures.
Medijunction follows security practices and procedures that are consistent with international standards like the IS/ISO/IEC 27001 on Information Technology, Security Techniques Information Security Management System Requirements.

6. Transfer of information to Third Parties.
Medijunction may, in some cases, transfer information to third parties if it is necessary to meet the healthcare needs of the patient. Such transfer of information will only be done if the third party follows the same level of data protection as that followed by Medijunction and the patient authorises Medijunction to transfer such information to third parties.

7. Transfer and disclosure of information to the Government.
Other than transfer of information to third parties, the data collected/ uploaded by you on the App may also be transferred to the Government to fulfil Medijunction legal obligations or when there is a requirement under law.

8. Disclaimer of Warranties.
You agree that the use of Medijunction and any of the Services is entirely at your own risk. The App is only a patient management platform for registered users. The App is provided for use by registered users on an "as is" basis only. Medijunction does not assume any liability for the conduct of its users at any time. Sensitive and personal information of any other user or person whose information is made available on Medijunction must be collected and handled in the manner prescribed in the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal data or Information) Rules, 2011 by the respective information collector. Communications within the platform between users, including messaging services and transfer of media such as photos and videos, must be made entirely at your own risk.

9. Changes in policy.
Medijunction could change terms of this policy at any time and this will be communicated to the users by updating this page on this website (

10. Grievance Redressal Mechanism.
If a user has any grievance related to the privacy of information provided to Medijunction, user may contact our grievance officer: (“Privacy Officer”) at