General Physicians and Specialist Doctors can join us in our mission to promote affordable and excellent health care to Rural India. Job satisfaction and good remuneration is there by default.


  • Doctors do not have to be present in the clinics to service their patients.
  • Doctors focus on providing timely diagnosis and treatment. Wider Nationwide reach and recognition.
  • Getting first hand knowledge of peculiar ailments in many parts of the country.
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Holding a prestigious role, with high take-home pay.

Specialization will help to open up the potentials of the nurse practitioner.

Improve access to primary health care.

Advantages :

  • Opportunities to serve in both rural areas, as well as health community centers, campuses, various governmental agencies, which include military, health departments, and others.

Benefits :

  • Nurse welfare fund for ailing doctors who are in need of financial assistance or health crises or accidents and injuries. Website formation for more international exposure.

Medical Representative

Earn more & multiply your business

Be involved in our exciting innovative new online medical portal

Become an Internationally known doctor

Advantages :

  • Get an international platform to showcase your achievements, skills, viewpoints and research
  • Interact with your colleagues 
  • Find out how we can support you in many ways

Benefits :

  • Doctor welfare fund for ailing doctors who are in need financial assistance or health crises or accidents and injuries.
  • Website formation for more international exposure.

Health Officer

A Para Medic who is well versed with Clinic Operations and follows the Doctors’ instructions.

Advantages :

  • No more Quack practice. Backed up by qualified Doctors.
  • Runs his own clinic and manages the team of community engagement officers.
  • Growth and outreach is proportional to an individual’s hard work.
  • Good standing and social recognition in his area.


A Patient is able to sign new using the mobile application and able to consult with doctors after purchasing a consultation with a doctor.

Advantages :

  • Video consultation with a doctor.
  • Patients can be added to the family account.
  • Upload documents and add notes as needed for the consultation.
  • Aes the coupons & use it for consultation.

Sign Up

Join the digital revolution in a trend setting Telemedicine project for underserved areas across India. Helping contain the COVID-19 pandemic by facilitating health care provision in the community.

As doctors you will provide essential primary care to our country’s rural folk who have no decent medical care facilities for miles around their villages. Timely provision of quality primary health care provided by the doctors will give the children, women and the vulnerable elderly a better chance to live a healthy life and prevent minor problems from becoming chronic and serious illnesses.

As Health Officer you will be assisting world class doctors who will guide you to provide excellent service to your community. You will earn their respect and blessings from providing life changing healthcare services.